JTS Supply – A case study

Often, a business or organization will contact us for a website makeover, a specific graphic design task, a one-time video production service; but it’s exceptional to be able to work with a start-up business on a comprehensive marketing package and plan. JTS Supply, Inc. needed a comprehensive plan.

Pro photography

We made plans to develop a full eCommerce website solution for the sale of their safe room products nationwide. To accompany the website, we also developed specific branding with professional photography, graphic design services, and a custom-produced Web commercial to reside on the website’s home page.

The client built and tested a variety of prototypes until they settled on a standard flagship unit named “The Sentry.” From that point we were able to coordinate a photo shoot and coinciding video shoot.

The video used several techniques to assist in polishing the product and brand image for the client to include green-screen work and actors. The video showcases the product and appeals to the sensible consumer by examining common reasons why it is prudent to invest in a safe room to help protect one’s family. Click here to learn more. 

Web-page-stackThe website development blossomed once the branding had taken place. Using the professional photography and newly produced product video, our development team was easily able to construct a website with all of the advance features one might come to expect as industry-standard and intuitive while shopping online. The site includes a SSL certificate which creates an encrypted, computer-to-computer link for secure browsing and purchasing. You can rest assured your contact and payment information details will be safe with this level of security. There are practical features as well like a custom-coded cookie which tells the site to play the product video on the home page only once unless you haven’t visited the site in the past seven days. There is also room to grow with a blog interface, client testimonials, other info and more videos to be added over time. The site has built-in CMS (content management system) which allows the client to log in to the back-end to manage product listings and other content as needed.

Lastly came the graphic design work. Once the website was established, the branding was truly complete. Having the photos, video, and website as a cohesive point of reference, our graphic design team was able to produce this beautiful and informative sales brochure which clearly communicates what the product is, who it is intended for, and reasons why prospective buyers should consider doing business with JTS Supply.

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