Firefighter’s Burn Fund

DeBerry Marketing Services recently published a new, custom website using responsive design techniques for Firefighter’s Burn Fund, a national 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that supports community efforts to help provide critical assistance to the victims of fire.

DeBerry Marketing Services was most helpful with establishing our new web site.  Scott is a true professional! We are thrilled with our web site and finding someone ‘local’ was important to us.  If you want someone who will take the time to understand your individual business needs, DeBerry Marketing Services is the company to call. –C.A. Simpkins, President

What is responsive design? Since less than 10% of current websites are mobile ready, a responsive Web design is very important as it contains code that enables it to recognize the browser/device being used and modifies the output or appearance of the Web page accordingly. In other words, the website will look great and be easy to read and navigate regardless of what computer or mobile device is used to view the website. A responsive design is sort of like having three websites in one: a mobile version of your website, a tablet version of  your website and a full view desktop version of your website.

Why should my website have a responsive design? With every month that passes, more and more people are using their iPads, Smartphones… and now the iPad Mini to browse the Internet. It once was okay to just pinch and zoom the browser to navigate the Web, but with these smart devices comes smarter methods for serving up data… formatted on the fly. So, if you’re not considering the importance of a responsive design, then you’re really losing out on a growing segment of prospective clients visiting your site. Tech-savvy users are impatient – don’t miss out on Web traffic!


Here is an example of a custom website DeBerry Marketing Services published recently using a fully responsive website design:

Here is what the site looks like on a typical desktop:

And this is what the site looks like on an iPhone: