New Account Executive

DeBerry Marketing Services, LLC is pleased to announce that we’ve added a skilled Social Media Marketer to our team. Donna Hawkins has a successful background in band and event promotion with social media. After watching her efforts yield significant results for one social media campaign we were a part of, we thought it made sense to reach out to Donna and see if she would consider joining the DMS team. Happily, she did.

DeBerry Marketing Services owner, Scott DeBerry, had this to day, “We were very impressed with Donna’s promotional skills and tenacity, especially on Facebook. It seemed an obvious fit to reach out to her to see if we could tap into her skill sets for our client base.”

Learn more about Donna:

My Name Is Donna Hawkins. I have a growing, successful history in social media management, mainly via Facebook and Twitter, by way of networking and promoting with many businesses such as Florida Live Entertainment, GigSMACK, Voodoo Queen Management (which I’m now a part of their staff team), and LOKNOB, just to name a few. I also use social media to network and promote bands including Ty Fury of Trapt, and William Charles Manspeaker of Green Jello, among others.

When it comes to promotional skillets, well, the tactics I use are a bit different than most. For example I like to create promo videos, and I like to use creative wording to help capture readers’ attention and generate a call to action . I’m always brainstorming new ways to take promoting to a the next level. I like to utilize variety in promotions so readers enjoy fresh content to help maintain engagement. Using multimedia such as photos and video is also very important to maintain audience engagement.


Donna Hawkins

Twitter is where I began my stab at promotions. Since Twitter limits your character count, it was great practice honing my wordsmith skills crafting targeted, effective messages and finding the right words.

Promotion goes beyond just social media, however. You have to embrace other methods on a regular basis such as verbal promotion, and print media. Overall, regardless of the method, I enjoy creating an image to which the audience can relate to captivate and engage them.